Interactive Music

This group encourages full musical participation. Clients are given simple percussion instruments appropriate to their physical abilities, and are shown how to use them by playing rhythm games.

Clients also enjoy being able to play, clap or sing along to a variety to music. This often stimulates memories and much conversation. Some of the more active members are encouraged to have a go at conducting the musical volunteers, which always ends in chaos but is very enjoyable for all!

What do volunteers do?

Musical and non-musical volunteers are very valuable. Musical volunteers play simple well-known tunes ranging from famous pieces of classical music, show tunes, folk music and war-time music. Pianists, string players, woodwind instrumentalists and singers are all appropriate. More experienced musicians may like to improvise as topics of conversations lead to certain pieces of music. All levels of expertise are welcomed from beginners to budding concert pianists! Less confident musicians are very welcome to borrow music to practice between sessions. We also have input from a qualified music therapist.

We have a range of simple percussion instruments, including tambourines, glockenspiels and shakers. Non musical volunteers help clients to select instruments and hold them properly. They also clap or sing along and offer encouragement to clients. No experience is necessary.

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