Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts team stimulates the creative side of people, allowing people with dementia to express themselves through the medium of art.

The groups that we work with have a range of abilities; some can barely hold a pencil, while others have a higher level of competency. Our activities are varied and include card-making, painting and group projects such as collages. Art therapy has been shown to be of great benefit to people suffering from dementia by elevating mood and encouraging expression of emotions. As it doesn’t require verbally articulate responses, dementia sufferers can use this avenue to express themselves effectively without word implementation.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers work with the team leader to design and prepare activities as well as going along to the CUEs to work with clients. Most clients will need some encouragement to participate and it is the volunteer’s role to reassure them, and provide sufficient practical assistance. This may involve demonstrating techniques, soliciting their ideas and reassuring the client that they are doing well. For less able clients, volunteers may end up creating most of the artwork themselves, while getting their client to point where they want to place an object, or to choose the material or colour of paint etc. It is important to remember not to judge the success of the session by the quality of artwork produced. When working with people of very limited ability, a successful session might be having persuaded a client to make a few marks on the paper. With encouragement and patience from the volunteer, group members always accomplish something worthwhile.

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