Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts team stimulates the creative side of people, allowing people with dementia to express themselves through the medium of art.

Dance and Movement

This group is all about getting people moving. Some people might dance or play skittles; others may do well just to place a hoop on a peg. As with other groups, activities are tailored to individuals’ abilities.

Harmony Café

The Harmony Café is a place where people experiencing memory problems and their carers can socialise with one another and with volunteers in a friendly and understanding environment.

Interactive Music

This group encourages full musical participation. Clients are given simple percussion instruments appropriate to their physical abilities, and are shown how to use them by playing rhythm games.

Music and Singing

Music and singing recitals are always well received by clients, nurses and carers. Music can be stimulating or calming; it can trigger distant memories, and offers an alternative route of communication.


Reminiscence involves the discussion of past activities, events and experiences, usually with the aid of prompts such as photographs, old newspapers and other familiar items from the past.


By helping to fix up an old piece of furniture, clients have something to focus on and regain a sense of purpose.

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